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Athlete's Corner

Self Massage

If scheduling challenges or a tight budget keeps athletes from receiving regular professional massage, a self-massage routine is essential.  

A massage program working with a therapist to keep an athlete pain, illness and injury free might be one session a month. Athletes recovering from an injury, or training at high volume and/or intensity will find greater benefit with increased frequency (i.e. 2-4 sessions per month). Self massage can be done every day.  Even a minute a day of rolling on a foam roller can profoundly improve the health of muscle tissue.

Warm up, massage, train, stretch, massage, ice, and rest, in that order.  Simply compressing a muscle with both hands for 1-2 minutes before or after a workout will flush some blood out, and speed a fresh supply of nutrients to the tissues.  Cupping your hands and tapping, or making loose fists and lightly pounding (especially effective on quads) helps loosen the muscles.

There are many products designed to help with self-massage. Tennis balls (or golf balls) work great for feet and glutes.  "The Stick" is perfect for legs and IT band. The "Back Knobber" will help you reach trigger points in your back.

When performed correctly, it is not possible to receive too much massage! Be careful not to overstimulate severely fatigues muscles, but do manually manipulate trouble spots for a minute every day.  Your muscles will be less sore and perform better if you give them a little extra attention during your most intense training periods. Train hard, train smart. Rest even harder and smarter. 

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