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Athlete's Corner

Posture / Biomechanics

Relaxed muscles have better range of motion, and don't pull the skeletal system out of alignment. Regular massage reduces scar tissue and muscle tension, which would otherwise compromise posture. If muscles have the habit of holding tension, and pull on bones and against opposing muscle groups, it's like driving with the brakes on.  A well-tuned nervous system communicating with well-trained muscles allows an athlete to express speed and strength.

There are tiny muscles attached to each vertebra that work together to maintain proper posture.  Massage helps these muscles work more efficiently and in harmony to support spine health, which in turn, keeps nerves firing properly.  

Chronic tension in major muscle groups will affect biomechanics. Tension in the glues and quads can cause hip or knee pain as the joints are pulled out of alignment. This will slow runners or cyclists and increase the risk of injury.

When scar tissue or adhesions are present in the trapezius and pectoralis muscles, the tension can pull shoulders up and forward. This would affect a golf swing, tennis serve, or swimming stroke. Trigger points in the shoulders and neck are common. In addition to improved posture, massaging these areas can relieve headaches, reduce stress, boost the immune system, and help you attain your fitness and performance goals.

If you work with a chiropractor, the best time to get a massage is soon after you are adjusted. Imbalanced, tense muscles pull the spine out of alignment. After an adjustment, nerve pathways are opened, and when you release muscle tension during this period, you help your body retain balance. Your skeltal system will hold the adjustment better, and your muscles will relax more deeply.

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